“We selected Akula Yachts as a company specialising in Superyachts and holders of ISO28007. They allocated a ‘Project Manager’ who made early contact with the yacht Captains, neither of which had made the transit through the Suez Canal and High Risk Area before. They supplied 2 teams of 4 and a Project Manager to cover the 2 superyachts making the transit. Akula has a partnership with a Suez Canal agent who ensured that the security teams, weapons and equipment embarked without an issue allowing a trouble free transit”.
“The communication between me as CSO and ‘Akula Operations’ was excellent and I was confident at all times that both yachts were being protected by a dedicated team of experienced professionals”.
– Company Security Officer

“This was the first time that the yacht had embarked an Armed Security Team and the first time that I as the Captain had made the transit from the Mediterranean to the Maldives through the High Risk Area. I found the team from ‘Akula Yachts’ to be very professional and alert at all times throughout the transit. The security team respected that they were on a yacht by wearing yacht clothing and were approachable, with good communication and integrated well with the crew. The early allocation of a Project Manager was invaluable during the initial planning stage with all eventualities addressed before the yacht departed from the Mediterranean”.
“The overall performance was fantastic, very professional and perfect for the job”.
– Captain – 67mtr Superyacht

“This was my first transit through the High Risk Area therefore I have nothing to compare the service with. However, I found the entire team to be very professional and if possible would request the same group for the return transit. The early allocation of a ‘Project Manager’ to assist with the planning stage is an excellent idea and ensured that the yacht and crew were fully prepared for the transit. In addition to the transit we managed to have 24 of my crew MCA certified with the Proficiency in Dedicated Security Duties (PDSD)”
“Overall very happy with the service and would use again in the future”.
– Captain – 87mtr Superyacht

“I have been working with Meesa Yachts Egypt since 1994 and I can confirm that ‘Akula Yachts’ is one of the best Maritime Security companies specializing in Armed Security for yachts. The management staff and the security teams were very well organized and cooperative in addition to their professionalism. I have no hesitation if recommending to any Yacht Captain or Yacht Management company to use the service of ‘Akula Yachts’. The General Manager has an extensive Maritime background with vast experience in the Superyacht industry and uses his knowledge and experience to run the company professionally”
– Captain Yasser Gamal CEO of Meesa Egypt