Cyber Security


The Akula Cyber Security team derives it’s expertise from Top Tier specialists working within the financial sector – the benchmark for Cyber Security. Mentored by the former Lead Security Architect for Lloyds banking group and providing CHECK team testing experts and CREST accredited Cyber Security specialists, we provide a tailored Superyacht service in line with the standards set by the UK Government and the UK’s largest retail banks.

Our purpose is to protect our clients through a combination of technical audits, penetration testing and education. Either working with your AV/IT installer or providing independent advice and analysis, we ensure not only are your systems safe, but your potential threat is mitigated through best practices onboard.

The threat of a Cyber Attack on a High-Net-Worth or High-Profile individual has never been greater. With 51% of HNWI’s rating identity theft/personal financial crime as one of their top-most concerns. (Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management Global HNW Insights Survey, 2015).

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