Cyber Security


The Akula Cyber Operations Team is mentored by the former Lead Security Architect for one of the United Kingdoms top 4 retail banks who is a thought leader in crypto-currencies and blockchain technology. He works on the cutting edge of what is possible in protecting organisations data in sectors where mistakes are assessed in the billions. He is described by those who have worked with him as “One of the few people in the United Kingdom who can think at this level.”

Our cyber security practitioners have experience of working on UK government contracts and engagements with FTSE 100 companies within the telecommunications and financial sector. The security they provide is at the outer reaches of what is possible.

Our consultants are selected and mentored on their ability to communicate the technical intricacies of cyber-security to non-technical customers. We work with clients to educate them in good cyber-security practices to allow them to make common sense decisions about how to reduce their risk profile and increase their privacy.

Akula’s cyber security practice works hand in hand with CREST accredited penetration testers and CESG CTAS cyber security auditors to provide tier one cyber security.