Cyber Security

Training Courses

Maritime Cyber Security Awareness (MCSA) – 1 Day

Change Employee Behaviour and Reduce Your Risk

Many high-profile cyber security breaches occur when hackers target an organisation’s weakest link: its people, the human element. Cyber criminals execute attack strategies that exploit human vulnerabilities in order to bypass technical countermeasures. Transform your offshore (and onshore) workforce, including crew members from a vulnerability to an asset by greatly increasing their awareness of threats, increasing their vigilance and conditioning them to report incidents and suspicious activity.

“A well trained and vigilant crew is one of the most important defences against cyber security related incidents”.

– Commodore Geoffrey Billson RN (Retd)

Course Overview

A one-day instructor led course is aimed at yacht crew, management company staff, senior management, Captains and Owners in the Superyacht industry. This awareness programme has been specifically designed and developed for the Superyacht industry, to develop an understanding and awareness of the emerging cyber threat for your non-technical workforce, from the Boardroom to the Engine room. Delegates will learn to identify common cyber-attack methods as well as understand the threat of the malicious insider to your organisation. Your employees will learn how to take appropriate action against identified threats and report all incidents to the company.

Course Content

  • Understanding the Cyber Threat
  • Assessing the Risk – Reducing the Risk
  • Developing Contingency Plans
  • Real life Maritime & Offshore Cyber Attacks
  • Case Studies
  • Be Cyber Aware At Sea’ Campaign

Target Audience

The MCSA course will benefit all employees and crew members in ship-based and shore-based roles within your organisation. All members of your organisation with access to Information Technology (IT) or Operational Technology (OT) endpoints will become better prepared to understand and contribute to the company’s overall cyber risk management program.

Cyber Security for Senior Leaders – 1 Day

This awareness course is non-technical and allows senior leaders to better understand the business critical issues of cyber security, the threats they face, their vulnerabilities and what can be done to mitigate those risks. It explains the current opportunities and how to plan appropriate investment in line with risk appetite and tolerance.

The course informs delegates about cyber techniques and their real-world consequences. Delegates will learn and experience the methodologies that attackers adopt to breach security and exploit vulnerabilities. Attendees will also learn about the strategic importance of cyber security including the potential impacts on their business covering legislation, regulation and insurance.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – What does it mean to Senior Leaders – 1 Day

The purpose of this course is the provide a clear non-technical brief to senior leaders on the implications of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018. GDPR 2018 will formalise the accountability that data controllers and data processors have in protecting personal data. The penalty for failing to comply with GDPR 2018 will be as much as 2% of the parent company’s profit. The penalty will be decided on the maturity of that entity’s policies, processes, systems and testing regime. The course will cover these areas and describe ways and means to maximise your protection ahead of GDPR2018 enforcement.

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